Month: April 2016

Confessions of a Recovering Spiritual Coward

A few years ago I received a letter from a very good friend of mine.  The letter began with the words, “Dear Tim, I am writing to share with you the gift of honesty.”  In that letter my friend went on to explain that he had been living out a “lie” the entire time we had known each other in college. He was tired of “hiding” and was “coming out of the closet” to confess to me and to the world that he was gay. I wasn’t really surprised by his letter. In fact, I felt a great sense...

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A Cacophony of Thoughts

Sometimes I just want to write for no particular reason at all.  It’s not that I have much of anything to say; it’s just that I want to find out what kinds of thoughts or ideas might be jumping around inside my head.  I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that my mind is extremely cluttered and easily distracted.  I can literally switch topics several times a minute and soon find myself spinning around in confusion wondering which direction I’m headed and trying to remember what I was doing just a few seconds ago. I literally get lost in a...

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Unless Light Breaks

When will I live again? Inside this rusting sack of tired dreams. Long forgotten Too tired to pretend they might come true Too ashamed to admit they don’t exist And doubting they ever did Slumbering in the muck of apathy While peering lazily beneath groggy eyelids Watching others skip and play Too tired or too lazy to choose Another way What world would breathe life Into pathetic tales That no one wants to hear Including me No longer willing No longer able No longer No Unless light breaks I slowly drown in shadowed dreams That melt as darkness lulls...

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Silence Has More To Say

My conversations seem so clever when I am asleep. Circling round and round in banter unspoken and silent to all outside a slumbering ego Unaware that none can hear and no fruit will ever ripen from this innocuous wit Or lack thereof. Better to put a muzzle on this unruly chattering and to listen. Silence has more to say than these meandering soliloquies that rattle around inside my head and lull me back to sleep in unconscious confusion. Wake up. Take a deep breath and listen.   No more talking until you have something to...

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The Gentle Ones Go Deep

A pulsating power sizzles just behind my head flowing in a high-pitched river reaching out in all directions. My breath draws deep, reaching down into my groin, then rises, oozing out gently through porous fibers at the top of my head. A swirling electricity seems to crackle all around me as I sit and open my heart to listen for whispers of my lover in the silence. Sometimes his kisses are so soft that you must be very still to sense them. The gentle ones go deep like a needle piercing past the heart into my soul, causing sharp...

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