Month: May 2014

I Sat On A Rock And Thunk

I sat on a rock and thunk so hard my head popped off and rolled down a mountain. For thousands of years, or at least a couple of weeks, all I could see was a dark tunnel lined with ants smuggling picnic scraps and tiny bottles of champagne the Russians left behind after the cold war. Until one day I decided that enough was enough and that I should take a look at what was behind me. Thank God I learned how to wiggle my ears when I was younger because I discovered a whole new way of looking at...

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She Needs Words

She needs words She said But what words Can capture This love I have To hold it In a box As if eternity Could be Measured By a clock Or placed Along a line To be weighed Are colors Seen Through their names Or honey Tasted By licking letters Posing on a page The song sung When her name Dances across my heart Is a melody Whispered In every breath Breathed By him Who brings life To all It is a gift Received To be given A seed Planted By him Who knows What words can mean As well as what They cannot say For depths Too deep To be mined By minds too bound To earth Too far from heaven And its rarely mentioned Mirth A song woven With dancing threads Of sunlight Pirouetting On Christmas morning Remembering With an odd smile A wink And a piercing rush Of hope That God has come To live among us And finding Her hand placed in mine With a promise To walk this day And the next Together What words Can I give her To tell her Of this love I have To thank her To thank him To hold her While holding him While being held With words Spoken And silent I will speak Because She And she alone Holds my heart Forever So if she needs words I...

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You Are … A Poem For Lisa

You are … Amazing Wonderful Beautiful The Love of My Life The Woman of My Dreams My Treasure My Sweetheart My Best Friend My Heart’s Desire The Mother of My Children The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me My Dream Come True Funny Exciting My Teacher My Companion An Artist A Powerful Woman of God A Tender-Hearted Daughter of the Lord A good dancer and among other things … … a pretty good kisser Let’s practice that last one again when you have time....

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He Who Dances With The Stars

He who dances with the stars Dances also In my heart. He peeks his head around the corner Giggling Pokes me in the ribs and runs away Wildly into the shadows Yelling, “Tag, you’re it!” “But Lord,” I call out. “Don’t you see that I’m crying?” “Don’t you care that I’m feeling sad and lost and confused?” I listen But only the silence Interrupted occasionally by muffled giggles Spurting out spontaneously from the darkness. After a moment Or a decade or two A soft memory warms my chest And I suddenly remember my name. Bursting into fits of wild laughter I run headlong into the silence Calling out “I’m going to find you!” An explosion of rollicking giggles fills every inch of the universe Both inside and out As I am caught up into an embrace And whirled around the galaxies. A million kisses warm my face As rivers of joyful tears fill the ocean of my heart. “It’s time to rest now,” My lover says as he tucks me into bed. “We will have more adventures...

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Only Morning Will Tell What Kind Of Day Will Come

I sit staring where silence is a choice because words are not able to carry the confusion that swims mockingly around my head and heart. While tender whispers from my lover flutter past and draw me to a place where tears flow with longing, I lethargically launch a desperate defense against the fear that all is false and nothing but empty hopes await me in the days to come. Who speaks these lingering lies that wrap their wiry tentacles around the treads of my thoughts and lulls me into this lazy trance? Spinning and circling round my soul like...

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